Smoking Weed for the First Time: What Beginners Should Expect?

Smoking Weed for the First Time: What Beginners Should Expect?

Regardless is it is a personal choice or due to peer pressure, at some point, people will gain interest in consuming marijuana. With the continuous progression of the legalization of marijuana across the globe, the materials and strains to use are accessible for both online and in-store purchases. There are also numerous guides that you can read online in which this article is one of them, a beginner’s guide to smoking marijuana. 

Whether it be reading online or just briefly scanning journals, you can find a lot of facts and bluffs about smoking weed for the first time around. Imagine feeling uplifted and completely happy as if all the stress has left your body. That is the prime effect of marijuana that most consumers seek resulting in frequent consumption. In this article, we will help you get to know the effects of marijuana as well as tips we can spill that will help you in having a good time for smoking weed for the first time. 

What are the Effects of Marijuana to Expect the First Time? 

Marijuana is a natural psychoactive drug that caters to both recreational and medical users. How can it be a medical drug if it makes you high? You see, marijuana is a jack-of-all-trades type of drug. It is composed of thousands of cannabinoids that stimulate the effect when consumed. 

Tetrahydrocannabidol or THC is a cannabinoid compound that you will often see in articles explaining the ability of the weed to induce high. On the other hand, we have cannabidiol or CBD which is also a cannabinoid compound that is associated with therapeutic effects that target managing pain, reducing inflammation, and relieves stress and pain-related symptoms. 

To further understand the effects of smoking weed for the first time, allow us to introduce the impact of weed on the body. Know that the effects vary depending on the dominance of the strain that you prefer to consume but below is pretty much the list of everything to expect. 

Uplifted Spirit 

In just a few hits, you will feel uplifted as if your body is light even when you weigh heavier. Marijuana can relax and relieve the nerves from the tension that makes it a preferable option for those who are experiencing fatigue or restlessness. Uplifting your spirit benefits the mood fluctuations often experienced due to stress. The feeling of happiness and euphoria is expected to give you a good time as if everything is funny or everything brings you joy. This is why it is best shared with friends to give you a great impression of marijuana the first time around. 

Improved Appetite 

Regardless of the marijuana strain being an indica or Sativa dominant, the common ground of the two is their ability to stimulate the appetite. A few hits of weed with certain intervals heighten a person’s sense of taste and smell which will leave you craving for sweet and savory goodies. This is perfect if you are having underweight problems. Even though you don’t fancy the food or drink’s taste, you still manage to eat it because of the urges associated with smoking weed for the first time. 

Sedating Feels 

The sedating feeling is often accustomed to indica-dominant marijuana strains. The on-set feeling is not falling asleep immediately. The body will be feeling fully-relaxed. This explains how it is an effective pain reliever. Marijuana can relieve the body from pain as it relaxes the whole body. This will eventually cause the consumer to feel as if you have taken sleeping pills. That’s why we highly suggest consuming marijuana if you don’t have plans in the afternoon or the next day. The sedating effect of marijuana benefits people who have a disturbed sleeping pattern or worst-case scenario, insomnia. 

Light or Heavy-Headed 

Yet another effect to expect when consuming marijuana is its ability to feel light or heavy-headed. For indica-dominant strains, expect the effects to make your head feel heavy as if there is a need for a comfy couch to lounge on. Sativa-dominant strains, on the other hand, gives a light-headed feeling as if it wasn’t there. Its induced effects are similar to the effect of a cup of coffee in the morning enough to jumpstart your day. Most people are seeking for Sativa strains, especially when they have plans scheduled. Considering your lack of experience, regardless of consuming indica or Sativa, it would be best to clear your schedule for the day up until the day after just to be sure. 

5 Tips to Keep in Mind as a Beginner 

As a beginner, you have to be wary of what you’re getting into including the adverse effects that may occur when the consumption is properly delivered. Since your body is a virgin in smoking marijuana, the first time you do it still considered testing the waters stage. This is one way to know whether or not your body can consume marijuana in low or high doses. As much as possible, keeping it at a minimum the first time is highly suggested preventing cases of paranoia. Below is a list of five tips that you should bear in mind in smoking weed for the first time. 

Never Smoke Alone 

Considering your lack of experience, it would be best to be surrounded by one or two friends who are experienced in cannabis consumption. This will not only improve your first time trying marijuana but they can also assist you as you consume marijuana. They can give you tips as well as introduce you to the other methods to try apart from just plainly smoking weed. 

Play Your Favorite Music 

To improve the relaxing effects of marijuana, it would be best to make a playlist with a set of your favorite music. The experience is rather comparable to being super drunk with alcohol and you sing along with your favorite jam. It’s not permanent to experience being young, wild, and free, right? Consider it as a day you will remember for the rest of your life. Listen to your favorite jam to have a memory to remember years from now. 

Stay Hydrated 

When consuming marijuana, make sure that you have a bottle of water or other types of fluids next to you. One of the adverse effects of smoking marijuana that can be managed is having a dry mouth, red eyes, and dehydration. More than just a bottle of ice-cold water prepared on a table next to you, make sure you also have a mini bottle of eye drops to prevent your eyes from drying. Your eyes will only become red when they are not hydrated well while smoking marijuana making you feel as if your eyes are completely strained. 

Pick Beginner Strains 

Why pick beginner strains? Smoking weed for the first time will not be a wild ride if you proceed to smoke high-potency marijuana strains. You need to adjust to the potency beginner strains will bring. Besides, you wouldn’t want to experience paranoia and a day of headache, would you? You can look for the top-notch beginner strains that are preferred by first-timers. Not because they are noted as beginner strains doesn’t necessarily mean you wouldn’t experience the effects that can be found in high-potency marijuana. They are just minimized. 

Clear Your Schedule 

If you are smoking weed for the first time, it would be best to have your schedule cleared for the day up until the next. This is to give time for your body to regenerate considering that weed is a natural psychoactive drug. You wouldn’t want to go to work laughing at everything that is not even funny, right? Give yourself time to relax or rest after one wild experience. 


Once you have fully understood what you should and should not do in smoking marijuana, you’re ready to consume. Know that in smoking marijuana, you have plenty of options to consider such as methods and strains. You have the power to choose what strain do you want to consume. That is why we highly suggest researching smoking weed for the first time. This will help you find the perfect strain that will deliver your ideal effects. Do not overdo the process and allow yourself to adjust to the feeling smoking weed brings. 

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