Some Common Problems When Your Order Marijuana Seeds on the Internet

Some Common Problems When Your Order Marijuana Seeds on the Internet

Buying marijuana seeds on the internet has become an ever growing trend on the internet. More and more people have realized the benefits of marijuana and they are smoking or growing it. Aside from that, marijuana seed banks have brought their business on the internet where you can actually order some high quality yet cheap marijuana seeds which you can order any time of the day.

Buying marijuana seeds from an online marijuana seed bank has some disadvantages and advantages. Well, let’s talk about some of the common problems that any buyer would experience on the internet.


This is one of the most common problems in the internet world. Not just in the marijuana industry but to all industries available. With the good guys comes their counterpart. You can actually avoid by being aware that they are there. Common sense applies do your research before trusting a website or online person. Do not buy right away but do some back ground checks first.

Low quality marijuana seeds

Since you are not in front the marijuana seeds when you buy them so there is a possibility that you will be buying low quality marijuana seeds from a low quality marijuana seed bank. Before you get to this point, make sure that you do your homework first. It’s your fault if you get scammed because you did not do any research or back ground check. Reputable marijuana seed banks should have a lot of good reviews from their customers all around the net.

Lost order

Not that common issue but still is experienced by growers who have bought marijuana seeds on the internet.

Seeds getting burned or destroyed by custom

Some countries have very strict customs. Some use a machine or tool that will fry any seed in the mail. Some may intercept your marijuana seeds order. You are warned: Check your local laws before ordering marijuana seeds on the internet. Marijuana seed banks have this disclaimer written in their websites.

Some Tips

If you don’t want to experience any of the above problems of buying cannabis seeds on the internet, then do your research first before ordering. Awareness is your first weapon here.

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