Studying While High: Is it Effective?

Studying While High: Is it Effective?

Studying for an exam the next day or two could be the most boring, tiring, and challenging to some of the youngsters out there. That’s why learning to include cannabis in their study habits is one great idea ever discovered. Studying while high on weeds is truly a breakthrough in the cannabis world.

Undoubtedly, cannabis is just the perfect drug for safe consumption during stressful schedules such as the days before an exam and you have to get studying all night long. Students find it useful to study while high, but as always, it doesn’t happen at all times. Each person is born unique with traits and behavior that may affect his/her reaction to the drug.

Studying While High

No matter how adorable and beloved cannabis was, it’s such a bad thing to try smoking some buds before, during, or after your study. It is simply because of the possible effects it will have on you and your body once consumed. Here are some of the immediate and lasting effects that you shall achieve from getting high while studying.


– Information retention becomes difficult

– Paranoia and psychosis after consuming a large dosage

– Short-term memory problem

– Impaired judgments and indecisiveness

– Inability to coordinate muscles


– Excessive use leads to poor class performance

– Lower IQ or difficulty in understanding

– Higher risk of developing severe psychosis

– Impaired brain improvement

– Risk of becoming addicted to the drug


As has been mentioned earlier, studying while on weed may not apply to some users which may not be able to take the high of a certain cannabis strain. There are some other more disadvantages that cannabis may deliver to its users. Those are the following:

  1. The price of a cannabis strain is too high. For students who still haven’t earned any single centavo on their own, they must choose the cannabis strain that should only be enough for their budget and the dosage that their body can take.
  2. It has to be consumed at a low dosage. This is to ensure that you remain relaxed and focused on your studies instead of being sleepy or drowsy due to a high amount.
  3. Use concentration drops. They might help keep your focus and alert while studying for an exam or others.


Though there may be a lot of negative reports about the effects of weeds on people, there can still be some positive things to get from smoking cannabis while studying. The list below shows some of them:

  1. Helps in making brainstorming easier to do. Cannabis naturally makes someone creative and brings that out in all of the things that you do including brainstorming with your friends regarding many things. 
  2. Cannabis helps to relax your body and mind. Any college student would normally experience and suffer from various negative emotions like stress and depression. This has to be survived to happily end up with a degree in your hand and graduation to attend to someday. Although it’s difficult, it’s such a sweet reward for all your hard work. Thus, consuming cannabis may help but not for everybody. It depends on the person and the dosage.
  3. It makes you fall asleep fast. Having thoughts about your upcoming exams, your parents wanted for you to be a top-notch student, and what the exam will be about could lead you to a sleepless night for several days. If your mind is already tired and all you wanted was to sleep fast, then smoking weed would be such an intense sleeping pill.

10 Steps to Study While High

For some students who’s very eager at feeling better while studying and at getting higher grades so in the exam through a sharper memory would insist on using weeds still despite the dangers and disadvantages that it delivers. Again, studying while high on weed is a bad choice but it is possible. Thus, instead of bothering yourself too much on how to use it, here are the 10 effective steps to do it.

  1. Relax and have a short nap. Before you get into studying, it is advised that you doze off first for at least 20 to 60 minutes. Set the alarm if possible to make sure not to exceed the time. This way you can also shake off some of the sleepy or drowsy feeling brought about by your being high on weed.
  2. Exercise lightly. Just a little bit of stretching which will get your senses ready for anything and all your body juices becoming activated. It shall help make you focus more as well as to have exercise as an outlet for your excess energy.
  3. Take a bath. Take off the worries and laziness in you so your mind will be set for studying during high times.
  4. Drink enough caffeine. The grogginess that cannabis plants are usually a problem that hinders getting enough energy. By drinking coffee, you shall be able to fight away that unwanted feeling. Also, drink only the right dosage which you know is perfect your body without any sudden reaction. Caffeine will just add to the high that you are feeling at that moment.
  5. Eat some snacks. Metabolization occurs right after you consume something. However, you must not eat a lot which can lead to becoming sleepy again. Eat foods like vegetables and fruits that will bring you protein and some carbs, too.
  6. Drink a lot of water. Never drink alcoholic ones at this time to avoid undesirable outcomes.
  7. Choose the best place to study. Your concentration is highly affected by the conditions in your environment and so you must choose a place that is quiet and conducive for some studying to be done. 
  8. Try to concentrate. Always remind yourself of what must be done so you will always have a reason to remain focused. Never think of anything else except for what needs to be finished. Use some study techniques like having a pencil for highlighting important parts in your notes, etc.
  9. Have an aim such as time and goals. You should keep this in mind which should be easy for you since you need to study. The lacking focus may also hinder you from studying more subject matter.
  10. Prevent minding distractions around. Do not think of anything else aside from the things that you must do. Never mind those that usually distract you from your studies and never do anything that will remove you from the study-mode effects of cannabis. Such a situation could be the use of the internet and cellphone, watching TV, and listening to some upbeat music.

Final Thoughts

It’s fine to use cannabis while studying as it can increase your mind’s ability to function well such as for memorization and for understanding some important concepts in what you are studying. However, it has to be at small dosages only so as not to be too drowned by the sedating effects of cannabis. It only becomes a bad idea if your purpose is more on enjoying some time for recreation time than for studying. Keep in mind that it is always moderation that serves as your weapon from savoring the delightful effects of weeds without any issues or negative effects. Have better study results and habits through this new knowledge you’ve acquired. Enjoy studying!

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