Terp Sauce: It’s Uses and Making Process

When we talk about cannabis extracts, we know that the game is continually developing, with fresh modernizations being made at a fast pace. There is plenty of affection in cannabis that the label of most in-demand consumable alters constantly. 

You may have heard many things about cannabis oils, shatters, waxes, distillates, and more – but have you ever encountered the term “terp sauce”? It is an incredible consumable and can outweigh others.

There is no doubt that terp sauce is currently the king of concentrates. It provides a complete range of cannabis elements that collaborate to come up with a neutralized and curative high. So if you have not learned about terp sauce yet, this article will provide you information about its uses, including the process of its making.

What is Terp Sauce?

The term “terp sauce” is the shortened version for the scientific abbreviation HTFSE, which means High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract. Terp sauce is an extract of cannabis that is potent and exploding with pungent terpenes. Although there are numerous kinds of terp sauce extracts, the real ones come in a complete range, which means it has the complete terpene and cannabinoid profile of the strain it was formulated from.

Contrary to other kinds of concentrates such as wax or shatter, terp sauce commonly exhibit 60 percent tastier and more aromatic terpene molecules and a THC content of approximately 40 percent. 

Terp sauce is categorized as solvent concentrates. Crafters are commonly making it by utilizing instant-frozen cannabis buds – although the most significant part is beginning with excellent genetics. Flowers are initially formulated into BHO and become settled. The final output is a sticky terpene sauce that plunges THCA crystals. 

A properly created terp sauce is a full array and looks like an apple sauce with seemingly sugar granules that hover on it. These sugary crystals are called THCA, and the dewy sauce is rich in terpenes. For best outputs, DIY terp sauce is not recommended for the enthusiasts, as it needs unique equipment, a laboratory, and knowledge to appropriately process and cleanse the sauce to obtain a genuine and potent result.

A properly formulated terp sauce drains out all the undesirable plant material, waxes, and lipids, offering a fresh product that has at least 13 percent terpenes and roughly 40 percent of THC.

Terpenes do not only make the weed smell and taste good. They also impart the properties to provide high. The impact terpenes create on the high of cannabis is known as “entourage effect”, and you will be amazed at how terpenes participate in the cannabis game.

How is it used?

Similar to most extracts, the terp sauce can be used in various ways. One popular way of consuming it is dabbing, but placing it in a vaporizer or putting a certain amount to a dry flower joint, pipe, or bong is also feasible.

When dabbing, all you have to secure is a dab rig, certain sauce, and the estate to get super baked. You may find it plain and simple, and that is likely it is. Given that terp sauce, practically, is just another kind of cannabis concentrate, it is rational to dab it just like you would with other oils.

The distinction is not how you penetrate the concentrates into the body. Instead, the sauce is distinct because of its rich flavor and pungent delivery and its great effect on the cannabis high. 

Be cautious when attempting to try terp sauce, regardless if you consider yourself an expert of dabbing. With the content of terpene that is nearly twice in this concentrate, the intensified entourage effect drawn from terp sauce may simply sweep off your feet. 

Although a cannabis high may seem enticing now, it is always more ideal for playing smart and safe and beginning small – you will always have the choice to hit the sauce afterward. However, you cannot retract the sauce you already had. Thus, no matter how delicious the terp sauce is, do not be overwhelmed and use it all at the same time. 

How is it Made?

Terp sauce is formulated through the same process of extraction to the manner other concentrates are developed.  Makers would commonly employ ethanol, BHO, CO2, and a small number of other solvents to burst some top-rate cannabis flower to permeate and draw out the cannabinoids and terpenes available in the plant material. This leads to gold and watery liquid that is rich in essential cannabinoids and terpenes with most undesired plant material drained out.

The gold and watery liquid then require to be put aside in a dark and cold setting for 2 to 3 weeks as makers linger for a dissolution stage to occur. During this period, which is commonly suggested as ‘diamond mining’, the cannabinoids kept in the liquid will start to detach and create crystals at the base of the container as the terpenes create a semi-syrupy layer on the top.

The moment the phase of separation is finished, the terp sauce is thoroughly poured off and cleaned out. It is important to separately clean out the cannabinoid crystals and the sauce since the process consumes a different length of time.

Once the two are entirely cleaned out, both substances may be reconnected for a THCA-full terp sauce or continue to isolate to each turn their product. Know that although the terpene liquid is isolated from the cannabinoids, the isolation is not full, implying that the terpene-abundant fluid part will still contain a roughly 30 to 50 percent cannabinoid content.

Whoever has developed this process, they are undoubtedly cannabis geniuses. This formulation is not an easy thing to ponder, yet they successfully made the entire concept, and it works effectively.

What Makes Terp Sauce Special?

Terpenes are plant-founded compounds that are seen in the entire plant kingdom that portray a big part in the pungent traits of various species. For instance, it is the terpene pinene that offers a pine tree the incredible fresh scent. Another specification is lemons – their lemony fragrance is made by the terpene limonene. 

When It comes to cannabis, different strains provide different scents, flavors, and various all-inclusive effects of high if contrasted with each other. These unique distinctions exist because of the distinct terpene profiles kept within every strain – making terpenes element, which makes cannabis a promising plant. 

Breeders of strain mostly concentrate on making terpene-abundant strains that provide some terpenes (flavor, scent, and effect) in richness.

On a different note, despite being in one strain, phenotypes of similar cannabis plants may exhibit their distinct terpene profile. Hence, it provides minimally distinct flavors, smells, and effects. It also implies that every batch of similar strain may display a marginally diverse terpene profile based on the outside elements such as the manner of its cultivation.

Terp sauce is considered special since it concentrates on the strain’s terpene profile, rather than just the percentage of THC content and provides enthusiasts the capability to boost, add, or improve the concentration of terpene of any kind of cannabis they use.

Will Terp Sauce Provide you High?

Although terp sauce is made for the terpenes, it normally exhibits THC in big volumes. It all relies on the method it was formulated; however, the high created from a terp sauce can appear even more compelling when compared to other kinds of extracts.

Certain terp sauces are extremely hitters, particularly if blended with dry flower weeds or another kind of extract.

Where to Get Terp Sauce?

Now, the question is where you can get terp sauce. First, you may check with your local dispensary and request the assistance of the budtender about the concentrates in full-spectrum. More often than not, the staff who assists you with your transaction can recommend an incredible terp sauce product.

However, make sure to verify your purchase to guarantee it was particularly formulated to keep the natural profile of terpene and that it is simply not an uncured concentrate. Although the product may seem enticing, it will not be similar without the incorporation of terp sauce. 

If dropping by in a local dispensary does not work well, you may consider checking online products and select from the most reputable terp sauce product collection to devise in advance for your visit. A tasty and powerful weed high can only be a few clicks away. So, do not waste your time and find your terp sauce now!


It is no surprise that developing terp sauce is complicated. It will be good to invest in applicable equipment. Also, you will have to secure a lot of excellent quality flowers to develop sufficient rosin or BHO. Surely, terp sauce is one of the highest costing items in cannabis dispensaries and clubs. 

Nonetheless, investing in terp sauce is worthy of cannabis enthusiasts. A hit of this sauce offers a vast volume of harmonious terpenes and THC. If you are an experienced smoker – or have learned that it provides you essential curative alleviation – the attempt to use terp sauce is worth your effort.

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