THC Distillate: Information and Usage Guide

The cannabis industry has come a long way, and it has to cope up with the changes in time. Indeed, the cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the global economy. As it copes with the changes, it allowed consumers to use cannabis in many ways. Consuming marijuana is no longer limited to just smoking.

The never-ending quest of cannabis experts to explore cannabis has resulted in the discovery of the many ways to consume cannabis as well as other cannabis products like THC distillate, for example.

Yes, cannabis enthusiasts are witnessed in the growth and popularity of the cannabis industry. The legalization of cannabis in several states and countries sheds light on the negative stigma regarding the use of the weed. It is getting popular votes to other places as well, and it will not be a surprise if more states and countries will legalize the use of cannabis both for recreational and medical use.

As mentioned earlier, the use of cannabis is no longer limited to smoking. Recent studies have explored other ways on how to consume and enjoy the weed. Cannabis concentrates are everywhere. These are concentrated cannabis products like drinks, food, tinctures, oil, and distillate. One of the popular distillate among cannabis consumers is the THC distillate. Read on this article as we further discuss important details regarding THC distillate.

What is THC?

Before further discussing THC distillate, it is important to know what THC is. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. It is one of the hundred cannabinol found in a cannabis plant. The THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis and responsible for the main mind-altering ingredient found. In simpler terms, THC gives cannabis the “high”. It is responsible for the psychoactive effects that you get when you consume cannabis. 

What is THC Distillate?

Like many cannabis extracts, CBD Distillate, BHO (butane hash oil), or C02 oil, THC distillate is becoming popular. THC distillate is cannabis oil concentrates that have the highest percentage of THC. THC Distillate is extracted from THC-rich cannabis strains. THC distillates are produced using a technology known as “short path distillation”. In this process, cannabis compounds like THC are distilled in low temperatures to be able to extract even the tiniest compound.

This process has two main parts. The first part involves the removal of important terpenes, and the second part is involving the removal of lipids, solvents, and other plant impurities. This process produces the THC distillate that is activated, taste-free, and odorless.

How is THC distillate made?

THC distillate differs from other concentrates because it is made without the use of any solvent. As mentioned, it is created using a unique process called “short path distillation”. Here are the basic principles of this process:

  • First, you need to create a THC extract. In creating a THC extract, you need to mix a grounded cannabis flower to a solvent; it can be ethanol, which has a low boiling point.
  • If you are done creating the solution, you can heat it to a point where terpenes and flavonoids are turned into steam. The steam is then cooled to condensate, and then you can collect it in a cooled tube to a collection tank.
  • When the temperature of the boiling solution is again increased, it will force the cannabinoids to evaporate. The steam will pass through a cooled tube where it condenses into fractions of cannabinoids.
  • The condensate is then collected and will be collected used or mixed with flavonoids and terpenes to restore some of the odor and flavor of the distillate.

Advantages of THC Distillate

Among the known advantages of THC distillate is that it has high THC content, which perfects for those who are seeking a strongly euphoric, and also THC distillate is considered to be one of the purest extracts you could ever have.

How to use THC Distillate?

There are many ways to enjoy and use THC Distillate. It separates itself apart from other extracts because the THC in the distillate is already activated, and there is no need to heat it up to activate it. Here are several ways to use THC distillate:

  • Vaporizing. Vaping is a trend. Many people, especially teens, are into vaping. With the popularity of cannabis concentrates, it has made vaping more popular. This is perhaps the easiest way to consume TH distillate. All you have to do is to refill the vape tank. The potency of the distillate concentrated they are using a cotton wick. The main purpose of smoking THC distillate is to enjoy cannabis terpenes, and it is possible with the use of a ceramic coil.
  • Dabbing. Perhaps one of the earliest and most popular ways of consuming cannabis, particularly THC distillate. This happens when you vaporize THC on a hot surface. This is a great way to consume THC distillate without thinking of wasted end products.
  • Joint. For some cannabis consumers, nothing beats the traditional way of consuming marijuana. Those who are consuming THC distillate with joints will allow you to use fewer flowers yet enjoy strong effects. Adding oil to the joint will surely improve the quality of the smoke.
  • Edibles. Because of its flavor profile, you can make food or any meal using THC distillate. You do not need to consume marijuana by smoking. Instead, you can add THC distillate to your mixture or recipe. This is great, enjoying your favorite meal while also enjoying the effects of the THC distillate.
  • Tinctures. THC distillate tinctures come in the form of small liquid drops that cannabis consumers place underneath their tongues to consume. This is one of the easiest methods on how to control dosages, especially if you are medicating with THC. Tinctures are very popular because they can be discreet and works well with patients.

Every day, the cannabis world is experiencing changes that make it better. It is coping with the changing time; there’s no doubt about it. THC distillate, among other new cannabis products, is dominating the cannabis market. They are the trend and in demand. They are the new norm in the cannabis community.

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