The Importance of Germinating Marijuana Seeds

The Importance of Germinating Marijuana Seeds

Germinating the marijuana seeds are preferred so growers can be assured that seeds will grow into healthy marijuana plants once they are transferred to the growing medium. The germination process can be done using a medium like rockwool cubes or soil, through the paper towel method in which the marijuana seeds are placed in the moistened paper towels. Marijuana seeds can also be germinated using a propagation kit. The kit has 72 super plugs and in this method, the marijuana seeds are placed into tiny holes in the cubes.

Why germinate marijuana seeds?

The process of seed germination is just as important as the growing method. A successful marijuana growing project start with good quality marijuana seeds that fully sprouted. Although pot seeds can be planted directly on the medium, germinating them first is recommended so they can establish a stronger root system before transferring them in the chosen medium. Allow the seeds to full sprout and once they are already a few inches tall, you can transfer them in pots with soil, directly in the soil ground, in a hydroponic nutrient solution or any medium of your choice.

What are some of the tips in properly germinating marijuana seeds?

Warmth, darkness and moisture are the three most important things needed in germinating marijuana seeds. When any of these things is lacking, the pot seeds may not sprout or may result to the growth of weak marijuana seedlings. Seed selection is very important. You will not obtain positive results even if you use the most effective method of germination but the marijuana seeds are not viable. Get quality marijuana seeds only from a reliable seed source. Quality seeds with high germination rate are waxy and usually have hard and compact outer shells. Do not choose marijuana seeds that are nearly black because they are old and may not germinate. During the process of germination, never allow the marijuana seeds to dry and do not expose them to light or direct sunlight.

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