The Legality of Marijuana in Canada Discussed

Marijuana possession for recreational purposes is illegal in Canada but medical marijuana is permitted and as you can see there are a lot of marijuana dispensaries which you can find in the major cities in Canada. For as long as you are a medical marijuana card holder, then you will never any issues with the legalities. If you don’t have any medical marijuana card and you want to order marijuana seeds for growing (small garden), then you can order small amount of marijuana seeds on the internet and have your order shipped right to your doorsteps in the soonest time possible discretely.

Is it legal to order marijuana seeds on the internet from Canada?

The Canada marijuana seed banks are legal companies which expand their business on the internet. The marijuana seeds that they have for sale are for collection purposes to preserve the variety. It’s on your own risk if you order marijuana seeds from them. For as long as you are discrete and you don’t tell anyone about what you are doing, and then you will never have any problems.

Can I save money when I buy marijuana seeds on the internet?

Yes, you can save more money when you order marijuana seeds on the internet because there prices are cheaper than those who are selling their seeds on physical stores. Maintaining a website does not cost much compared to a physical store where you would need to spend for the bills, and wages of your staff.

There are some dispensaries which offer low cost seeds but you are not sure that they won’t run out of supply. Online marijuana seed banks won’t run out of supply because they are big companies with their own breeders, growers, and marketers. If a company goes online, then they are ready to supply a huge population of willing buyers.

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