Wax vs Shatter: How Do They Exactly Differ?

Wax vs Shatter: How Do They Exactly Differ?

Cannabis concentrates are turning into the absolute most well-known cannabis items that some specialists anticipate that their deals can outperform the raw cannabis for the following years. Per its name, these are concentrates that hit you intensely through its 80 percent of the THC content found in cannabis. There is a wide-range list of cannabis concentrates, and wax and shatter are the two most renowned types of it.

There are underlying contents of every cannabis concentrates that differ from each other, and this paper will tackle on wax and shatter. As such, wax vs shatter, a definite comparison of what are the differences you can found out from these two cannabis concentrates.

Wax vs Shatter

Rather than smoking an entire joint or bowl of cannabis buds, only a touch of these cannabis concentrates will be sufficient enough to take you somewhere you will find effects that may put pleasure or happiness within the mind or body.

  • Both the wax and shatter concentrates offer a general high content, 60 percent or more concentration, comparing to the customary cannabis choices.
  • The contrast between wax and shatter starts in the procedural manners that both takes. These two, wax vs shatter, means the process of extraction that it implies where the major significant oil content from the cannabis plant, which has the sole impact of giving the psychedelic impacts are now transformed into concentrated substance.
  • Cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes are gathered all at once to make a concentrated item to result in an intense cannabis high that can last for long hours, instead of purely smoking cannabis buds.
  • The extraction procedures resulted in wax cannabis concentrates only uses less heat in comparison to the heat level when you wanted to produce shatter cannabis concentrate.
  • In an aggressive tone, the wax cannabis concentrates are thoroughly blended rather than how to shatter are being mixed.
  • In comparison to the levels of difficulty in making, a wax cannabis concentrate is easier to create than the shatter cannabis concentrate. As then, it needs high precision works whenever shatter cannabis concentrate is your target. 
  • With regards to the molecules, the wax cannabis concentrate is in a muddled form while the shatter cannabis concentrate is tightly aligned. 
  • Throughout the filtration process, shatter cannabis concentrate is likewise more fastidious, prompting to a higher percent of being the purest cannabis concentrate than the wax cannabis concentrate. 
  • The two cannabis concentrates are some appropriate elements when your major consumption method on cannabis is through dabbing.

This part, wax vs shatter, is only the shallow part of what are the distinctions between wax and shatter. Below on this part are the expanded views on both cannabis concentrates. So, scroll down now and fully find out what more are the differences in these two cannabis concentrates.


  • The substance of the wax is an opaque one that it has a gentler consistency, leading you to handle it comfortably.
  • The surface of the wax cannabis concentrate is practically similar to a thick oil or butter.
  • At first, when the extraction process is done, the extracted fluid that will turn into wax concentrate appears to be like shatter, yet the final cannabis concentrate is that yellowy undertone with brown shading that can be mistaken as some huge bit of earwax.
  • Wax cannabis concentrate is a BHO cannabis concentrate, which its consistency is like coconut oil at some point, with exceptions to related ideas of ear wax. This starts as an amber liquid first from the butane extraction process.
  • Honeycomb is also the other term of how you can relate to the structure of wax cannabis shatter.
  • Throughout bowl topping in which you have utilizes the wax cannabis concentrate permits you to expand the power of the different sorts of cannabis as well.
  • Wax cannabis concentrates must be used quickly as it can break down in any manner. As then, its stability is not quite good, instead of the increasingly good shatter.
  • The surface area of the wax cannabis concentrate is greater than this implies you highly need an extension of time when you utilize it.


  • Shatter cannabis strain has a lot harder texture when being compared to wax cannabis concentrate. As then, this is practically identical to caramelized sugar or rock candy.
  • As opposed to being opaque and thick like the wax cannabis concentrate, the shatter cannabis concentrate is transparent because its molecules are tightly packed that permits the light to pierce within.
  • A more shade of pure amber is the color that you can easily notice on the appearance of the shatter cannabis concentrate.
  • Whenever the shatter cannabis concentrate sits for some time for the cooling process, the fluid in amber hue hardens and its consistency is like the thin peanut brittle, and then the resulting concentrate is the shatter.
  • The transparent form of the shatter cannabis concentrate is from the process where the temperature is utilized made to result like that. The process of this cannot be portrayed easily as this falls on the substantial chemical language.
  • To place it in less difficult terms, the molecules of the shatter cannabis concentrate are completely stacked, one on the head of the other, similar to a wall at some point. Whenever the light passes through, you can see its brittle format then.
  • The glassy surface of the shatter cannabis concentrate makes it hard to utilize compared to the wax cannabis concentrate, but the shelf life of the shatter cannabis concentrate is longer than the wax cannabis concentrate. 
  • At the point when being smoked or heated, the shatter concentrate is regularly stronger, yet it discharges a more vulnerable fragrant compared to wax concentrate.
  • Shatter cannabis concentrate is also a BHO cannabis concentrate; a concentrate that is made through the usage of butane that forces the various chemical contents to transform into an amber fluid.


The distinction among these two cannabis concentrates, wax vs shatter, comes down on what concentrate you wanted to use or preferred more. Both cannabis concentrates hits you with the underlying contents of the cannabis plants being used to make these two concentrates.

  • In summary to its distinction, both wax cannabis concentrate and shatter cannabis concentrate conveys rough THC contents are out from BHO concentrates due to the processing procedure.
  • The main genuine contrast is their appearance. Both appearances are simply the results of how the specific cannabis concentrate has been made.

All things considered, here are some built-in capacities and uses of how the wax and shatter differ that you need to not forget from the context above:

  • First, shatter cannabis concentrate is hard to deliver or produce well as this is exceptionally finicky. However, wax cannabis concentrate is simpler to produce that you don’t need to be as cautious as you can.
  • Second, shatter cannabis concentrate is steadies and will generally last more. In contrast, wax cannabis concentrate is not highly stable and may degrade in a short period.
  • Third, shatter cannabis concentrate can be more earnestly to deal with and measure due to its brittle consistency. The wax cannabis concentrate is simpler to deal with along the measurement of its consistency which is constant. 
  • Fourth, shatter cannabis concentrate is a clear BHO that resembles amber and its consistency is practically similar to hard candy. Wax cannabis concentrate looks like earwax or butter along with the same BHO contexts.
  • Fifth, shatter cannabis concentrate’s surface is incompletely glass that it would appear clean and smooth that sometimes it’s hard to not take care of it as this resembles a shatter-like appearance. However, the wax cannabis concentrate is that soft element and has the structure of crumbly wax. 

No such things are alike at all, which then this signifies that wax cannabis concentrate and shatter cannabis concentrate have various distinctions. One main key I would tell you about it is that no matter what cannabis concentrate you’ve used, you will surely get the main contents out of it as this was just the alternative style to easily consume your favored cannabis.  

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