Weed Beer: What Does it Make You Feel?

Weed Beer: What Does it Make You Feel?

The consumption of weed has been increasingly demanding over the years as new cannabis-derived products are emerging into the scene almost every day. Beverages infused with weed have created a great effect already. Weed beer being popular among cannabis-infused beverages have made drinkers switch to this product. In this article, learn what weed beer is, its types, how it is made, and what kind of effects it brings up for you when you drink it. All these can be understood by the end. Let us take a look below. 

What is Weed Beer? 

An inevitable beverage, according to the EVP of the Brewing Operations named Kevin Barnes. For ten years, he has been brewing, and he stated that every day, brewers want to employ weed in brewing beers badly. He definitely can see that weed beers are going to be on top of the game, as people continue to recognize its effects on the human body. 

Weed Beer

In the modern-day, weed beers are divided into different two types, namely the weed beer and cannabis-infused beer. According to users, at first, it tastes awful and resembles broccoli in the rotting stage. But as the development emerged, it has been tasting sweet and can be compared to a typical beer.

When we say Weed Beer, it is already understood that this beverage contains no alcoholic substance and does not cause alcohol intoxication whatsoever. This happens because the law is currently preventing people from mixing alcohol with weed as it can cause undesirable reactions. Typically,weed beer what does it make you feel like a normal beer; the only difference is that instead of alcohol, the extra kick that you will experience will be from the weed.

In making weed beer, all you need is to brew stocks, roots, and stems of weed instead of using oils. The brewing process starts by replacing the barley with weed. The process goes the same as brewing beer, and the end product of this will taste like the usual.

Weed-Infused Beer

The other weed beer called weed-infused is the same and tastes like a weed beer and has no alcohol content. Rather, it is infused with either THC or CBD compounds for the next level high you can imagine. This is made by using the same brewing system for typical beer but rather mixed with some cannabis concentrates or oils containing either THC or CBD, or both. 

With the prohibition of the law of mixing beer and weed together, the weed-infused beer currently has no alcohol alternative and should not cause any alcohol effects. However, expect that high can be experienced because of the THC presence of approximately the milligrams.

What Does Weed Beer Make You Feel

Nowadays, weed beer has become a trend and a new talk in town due to its amazing contributions to the world of cannabis. The infusion of alcohol into weed beers has been a constant struggle and debate by many happening up to this day since there is ambiguous data of how weed and alcohol can take effect on the body when combined together. Nonetheless, with the immersion of edibles and beverages infused with weed, these types of weed products become highly demanding, and the people are left to decide whether it is suitable for them or not. 

Compared to the traditional beers, weed beers will not cause alcohol-derived cancer and other heart failure or liver ailments that are caused by alcohol from beer. It is easy to say that weed beer is a type of beer that is healthy for consumption. However, it is not advisable to drink it every day since weed contains psychoactive compounds that can cause psychoactive effects. 

Key Ingredients and its effects

THC and Beer

If you are curious if the weed beer can make you feel high just like typical weed when consumed, that actually depends on the type of weed beer you intake. As mentioned earlier, weed beers and weed-infused beers are different according to the THC content of the products. However, CBD-infused beer should not get anyone high but rather make you feel relaxed, just like the typical effect of CBD on the body. However, for beers with THC contents, it is expected that the high will be experienced, and it will happen abruptly.

Generally, the high will kick in depending on how much THC your weed beer has. But in general, it will take time to kick in within ten minutes after drinking. It will typically contain a maximum of THC around 25 milligrams. As compared to edibles, weed beers have much lesser effects because the body can digest liquid much easier and comes into the system in a faster way. 

If the weed beer has a low THC level, then anticipate that it will not make you as high as you want it to be. It may need a bit more weed beers before feeling it all in. This can actually be good for everyone who wants to enjoy a couple of beers with friends or alone. 

More elaborately, beers with THC components can make a person feel psychoactive effects and altering of mind and thoughts. The intensity of the effects will be based on the level of THC in every milliliter of the weed beer. But, typically, it can make you feel like you are actually hitting a smoke from a weed.

New weed beers are coming up that are infused with a THC level of up to 6.5 milligrams, and this type of weed beer can make you feel high and should take effect very intensely and immediately. Typically, weed beers can make a person fully high after one hour or more. But with this new innovation, a person will feel the psychoactive effects of THC as soon as ten minutes of consumption. With this, it is not recommended to consume more than three beers and should limit yourself from having more than the ideal amount as it may cause you tremendous destructive effects you cannot imagine.

CBD and Beer

While CBD weed beers have no mind-altering effects on any person and can rather make you feel relaxed, happy, comfortable, and mood will be improved significantly. This can be enjoyable for people who prefer to feel more relaxed than being high. Also, it could be a better idea for medicinal weed users to incorporate this into their medication because the CBD of the weed beer works the same as other CBD-infused products.

Drinking Future

Day by day, the laws are evolving, and weed beer has been accepted by many due to the unique and amazing effects it can provide. It also provides seasoned weed users and even beginners a different kind of vibe and experience. Weed beer is more than just a typical high it can bring, but compared to others, the effects are much predictable and very consistent, which is safer to consume by many. 

The milligrams infused within a weed beer can be easily predicted how they will impact the body. Also, the effects are immediate, and chances would be, you will not consume more than what you can tolerate. You don’t have to go through the unpleasant experience of overdosing with weed and the aftermath of weed hangover since the weed beer is controllable and easy to manage. The majority of weed beers are infused with low THC dosage; thus, more people can enjoy a couple of beers without having to worry about any unfortunate effects. 


Indeed, weed beer is now a rising star of weed-derived products, and many people are becoming fond of it. This much predictable and easy to manage product, nothing can go wrong with a couple of drinks or a drinking session with friends. Although it is a different kind of product, weed beer affects people in the same manner as a natural weed can make. On top of this, it contains much safer and healthier ingredients than typical beer in the market. It is easy to claim that weed beer is the key future of beverages.

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