Weed Detox Know-How for Stoners

Weed Detox Know-How for Stoners

Weed detox is very common these days considering the number of people who have access to marijuana is growing across the globe. Detox is a process of eliminating the substance from your system. For various reasons, people find it challenging to do, especially when there is just limited time to deliver. This detox is highly recommended for heavy stoners. These are the type of people who consume marijuana daily of approximately two to three times a day. With a consumption this high, the human body is being dependent on marijuana to function at its full capacity. 

Marijuana dependence requires the body to consume increasing doses to support or to induce the type of high that you need. Eliminating the substance from the body can be quite challenging with these consumption habits. But how do you successfully flush out the cannabis substance from the body? In this article, we will help you understand the various reasons why people undergo weed detox, how long does the substance stays in the system, and what are ways on how to perform weed detox on your own. 

Why Do People Undergo Weed Detox? 

Imagine the happiness and color marijuana brings to your life and suddenly, you have to abstain from consuming. What are the common reasons why people choose to undergo weed detox? It’s not always set as a personal choice. Consider it as a resolution that is difficult to commit to. 

Managing Marijuana Consumption 

One of the top reasons why people undergo weed detox is that they want to manage their consumption. They think gradually removing the cannabis substance from the system will help in restoring the original effects of marijuana even in small doses the way it did when they first tried to consume. Considering that it is just a temporary phase, consumption after performing a weed detox is more enjoyable. Know that as you increase your consumption, it will continue to progress up until addiction is already on the table. 

Plans of Quitting 

People who undergo weed detox can also be the ones who have plans to totally quitting cannabis consumption. This is more of a personal reason. We know how difficult it is to stay clean even when cannabis is known to be a natural psychoactive drug. What is concerning about the situation is the inability of the body to perform accordingly without the use of weed. Quitting marijuana consumption may have its cons in which withdrawal is one of them. Withdrawal may involve vomiting, irritation, mood fluctuation, and another personal discomfort. It is the first few stages to combat in quitting marijuana that’s why we highly suggest undergoing weed detox first before completely quitting consumption. 

Incoming Drug Tests 

Yet another common reason why people want to stay clear of marijuana in the system is due to an incoming drug test. This is often required if you’re applying for a new job or applying for college while some are just mandatory. With that in mind, considering that the time is limited, you need to deliver effective ways on how to remove the marijuana of your system the soonest. We highly recommend removing your stash of weed at home as soon as possible to avoid temptation as well as peer pressure of consuming from friends. Besides, this is just temporary. You will eventually go back to your high nights alone or with your pals. 

How Long Does Weed Stay in the System? 

According to a conducted study for the benefit of numerous cannabis communities, drug testing the presence of cannabis in the body cannot be detected using traditional tests. Different variables should be considered alongside such as metabolism, usage, BMI, and even the intensity of exercise. As someone who is planning to conduct weed detox, you need to know for how long the cannabinoid compounds stay in your system. There are four primary ways on how to detect cannabis in the system. These are through blood tests, swab tests for saliva, urine tests, and even hair samples. 


On average, there are 4 to 6 liters of blood in the body of adults. Since the circulation of blood happens 24/7, the circulation and absorption of the cannabinoid compounds are also progressing. For light to heavy users, the cannabinoid compounds stay in the body for one day up to a week depending on how much you have consumed over the past week. Comparing alcohol from weed, alcohol can be out of your system in just a few hours. 


Urine tests are conducted to track infections within the body and can also be used to evaluate if there are traces of cannabinoid compounds. On average, it can be seen in the urine of a person for 15 up to 30 days. It depends on how light or heavy a marijuana user you are. The time frame can be shorter than expected. 


Swab tests are often conducted to trace possible upper respiratory infection but it can also be used to check if you have traces of cannabinoid compounds for the past few weeks. Saliva helps in swallowing and breaking down the food that you intake. The viscosity of saliva helps in chewing the food. It makes food intake easier to digest. On average, it takes a day up to a week for the cannabinoid compound to be traced in your saliva depending on how much weed you have consumed over the past few weeks. 

How do I Perform Weed Detox On My Own? 

These days, it’s hard to tell when you will be required to be mandatorily tested for traces of cannabis. It’s better to know what to do when the time comes. Besides, there are ways on how to perform weed detox on your own with proper planning, of course. Whether if you’re a light or heavy user, it would be best to take things slow even with the limited time to remove it from your system. Check out these five ways on how to perform weed detox at home. 


If you have a week or two before the schedule of a drug test, exercising is an effective option to try. Why is it effective, if you may ask? Well, THC is absorbed by the fat cells that are stored inside your body. Exercising will help in burning these fat cells with absorbed THC. What we highly suggest is not to perform exercises within 24 hours of the drug test because the cannabinoid compound is released in the bloodstream when fat is burned. 

Stop Consumption 

The first step to weed detox is to stop consumption. Free your excess stash of weed stored to prevent temptations from occurring. Whether it is for a temporary or long-term period, this is the first and the hardest step to perform. If you are scheduled for a drug test in a week or two, stay clear of weed for a while and it would be best to focus on your goal to release all the cannabinoid compounds from your system. 

Proper Diet 

Having a balanced diet will help you remove the THC compounds from your system. It would be best to eat healthier and greener foods. Change your diet and consume more high-fiber vegetables, at least two to three days before the scheduled test. When fiber is consumed, your digestive system is fully-functional and excretion of fecal matter is regular. The fecal matter can take up to 65% of the THC compound consumed. To further assist you with the detox, eat lots of vegetables and fruits too. 


Considering that urine tests are one of the ways on how to trace THC compounds in your system, staying hydrated will increase the chances of urination that will release all these unwanted substances. Drink lots and lots of water to wash out all the toxins and substances off your body. Prevent drinking colored drinks such as juices, carbonated drinks, and even alcohol. Keep it clear and continue drinking lots of water until the day of the drug test. 

Detox Pills 

A detox pill is one of the famous ways on how to quickly remove the cannabis compounds from your system. It helps in providing the body a supply of supplemental energy that helps in preventing the body from burning fat cells. When consumed, your body will be free from 85% of the compound from both fecal matter and through urine. There are THC detox pills that help in removing the compounds in the body as fast as two to three hours before your scheduled test. 


Performing a weed detox is not just for the sake of an incoming drug test that you’re afraid you might fail. It’s also for those who want to refresh their body free from cannabinoid compounds such as THC. We all know the benefits that marijuana brings but sometimes, it is being outweighed by the disadvantages when the consumption is not managed. When you’re having some doubts about weed detox, always think of your goal. Would it be just a phase or you want to stay clear of marijuana permanently? Choose the option that will stimulate both your physical and emotional health. 

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