Weed Headache: Prevention and Cure

Weed Headache: Prevention and Cure

You did nothing wrong for a headache to annoy you except you smoked some of your stashes. It’s surprising if it’s the first time you’ve felt it. Many experienced users consider this as a phenomenon. It is a weed headache and you may wonder why. Health benefits from these plants are numerous but how come there are some side effects?

It can be avoided that you may find it a mystery when you know what causes your headache. This article will disclose all the parts that you need to take in to understand. It will let you go through prevention and cure if not averted.

Possible Causes of Weed Headache

When you have a weed headache, there are some underlying causes behind it. It can occur with all of the methods of consumption whether it’s through vaping, smoking, and ingesting. The main citing regarding this topic is the 1985 study. Only 13 male participants received the administration of 2.9% THC which is quite low for the high potent weed available these days. However, researchers haven’t had similar findings so far.

1. Could it be the dehydration caused by weed?

The answer is yes although there’s no specific research about it. Dry mouth or cottonmouth is experienced by many so that’s why it’s advised to have water beside you while smoking weed. It is the outcome of THC that mingles with the mouth’s glands when you inhale the smoke.

The saliva-producing gland is called submandibular glands and when it stops working, your mouth becomes dry. So it’s not exactly dehydration but it’s more on drying out the glands but you still need water. To make it clear, the weed headache is caused by cottonmouth and dehydration.

Dehydration always leads to headache even without smoking marijuana. So the headache would usually occur around the period of consumption. See to it that you keep yourself hydrated and you can even have CBD water.

2. Is it the Low-Quality Weed?

Not all weed lovers can be choosy where to buy their supply. Unfortunately, those who don’t purchase from licensed dispensaries. What you buy from legit source is being tested by a third-party laboratory for bacteria, molds, and pesticides. 

Weed from the black market is unregulated and you’re not sure about what you consume. The weed may come from improper storage so there are molds. Chemicals and pesticides may present so it’s not safe for consumption.

3. Could it be Withdrawal Symptoms?

Weed headaches can happen because of withdrawal. Cannabis is believed not to be addictive like alcohol, cocaine, and opioids but there will be mild withdrawal symptoms when you choose to lie low. Aside from headaches, you may experience anxiety, loss of appetite, nausea, restlessness, insomnia, and decreased sexual drive.

When it happens to medical marijuana users, it simply proves that weed works on them. If they use it for anxiety and migraine, they should gradually stop the consumption and not all of a sudden.

4. Can we Refer it as Weed Hangover?

Weed hangover is controversial for many as it is charged to overconsumption. Excessive use can cause the following:


Dry eyes





Nausea and loss of appetite

Trouble on concentrating

When you compare weed hangover to the one you can have from alcohol, it’s more of like a walk in the park. It’s more manageable as alcohol can cause headaches or lightheadedness, dehydration, body pain, nausea, insomnia, and memory or concentration problems. The side effects may be similar but the intensity differs as alcohol sharply puts them on you. But if you can’t afford to have weed hangover, don’t take strains with high THC. 

You may also binge on edibles with high potency without knowing so be careful when you have them. The metabolism slows down when ingesting weed and they may have brought you the effects the following day. You can easily get rid of weed hangover by drinking coffee or taking painkillers.

A study in 1985 is always cited regarding this issue. Card sorting, time production, and free recall were done by the 13 male participants who had 2.9% of THC. The percentage of the psychoactive substance is much lower compared to the strains from modern cultivation. 

They were tested again after sleeping overnight. Researchers found that they only have weed hangover the day after consumption. However, it needs to be determined as the sample size is small and the diversity is not enough. Most of all, the result arrives at a P value of less than 0.05.

Cure for Weed Headache

Some people refer to weed headache like a hangover. But some point out dehydration but the proof and findings regarding it are inadequate. Some users may forget about having water beside them while smoking. Thus, they may sleep as dehydrated and wake up with a headache. If it happens to you at some point, you can have cold compress, temple massage, and medication like ibuprofen, aspirin, or acetaminophen which you can get over the counter.

If ever the headache comes with a nauseous feeling, be calm and take it easy. Anyway, it’s not common but it comes intense. Drink a lot of water as it’s important to stay hydrated. Eat some gentle kinds of food or you can also ask advice from your doctor for nausea medication.

When grogginess is felt, you seem dazed and can’t grip your focus. You will struggle to get up and start your day. The issue is brain fog and you think it’s difficult to snap out of it. But you can get over it by doing these things:

– Get up and keep moving. Take a brisk walk as lying down all day or just staring at something will make it worse.

– A shower can refresh your mind and your body so you can go straight to the bathroom.

– You can adjust your meal to feel better. A cup of coffee can awaken your senses as it’s an effective stimulant.

Final Thoughts

Several causes may bring you a weed headache. But you should be responsible for your consumption as you can do it by determining the quality of weed and avoiding high THC strain. If not avoided, make sure to cure it in the right way.

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