What are the Safe Payment Methods in Buying Marijuana Seeds from Canada?

What are the Safe Payment Methods in Buying Marijuana Seeds from Canada?

Online marijuana seedbanks in Canada accept a variety of payment methods that include credit cards, cash via mail, bitcoins, wire transfer, and a lot more. Which really is the best or safest method available? This might be your concern especially if growing marijuana is not legal in your state. Well, let’s discuss the available payment methods in a Canada online marijuana seed bank.

First of all, most Canada marijuana seed banks accept credit cards (visa and mastercard) payment methods, bitcoins, interact e, cash on the mail, and wire transfer and a lot more. However, they do not accept paypal dues to security reasons.

Which one is the safest payment method?

Bitcoin or interact e is considered to be the safest method available. You can also go for the traditional cash on mail method because it won’t show your personal information. You are just sending a money on the mail to a person and nothing related to marijuana will be posted.

Why use online money transactions in buying marijuana seeds?

It is convenient and you don’t need a lot of time and effort to pay for your order on the internet. Just click on a few buttons, confirm your order, pay for it and your marijuana seeds will be on its way.

If you use credit cards as payment methods, make sure that you use your personal card and not your business or company credit cards because they might intercept and know what you have just ordered online. Aside from that, provide your personal address and not your office address for the seeds to be sent to so that nobody will know what you have been doing. Do not tell anyone that you are growing marijuana because how can they shut their mouth up if you can’t.

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