What is Considered High THC?

What is Considered High THC?

Cannabis or more commonly known as marijuana is an herbal plant that the world considers as an effective medication to various illnesses as aided by its two major properties. Those are the THC and CBD. Each of them fulfills a different function, one being recreational while the other being medicinal. Cannabis users, however, are curious more about what is considered high THC.


Those two properties are actually what made marijuana very well accepted legally all over the globe. CBD or cannabidiol is the substance that cannabis contains that is medicinal and non-psychoactive. It doesn’t make you mentally numb that your brain cells don’t get harmed by it. Certain studies show that CBD and the major product extracted from it which is CBD oil are very effective at treating physical pains, inflammation, and also mood problems. It helps to take away menstrual cramps, fatigue, migraine, and other more serious conditions like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

On the contrary, THC or also called tetrahydrocannabinol is weed’s property that creates a psychoactive impact on the brain and even tries to alter its normal functions. Such substance appears in different levels in each cannabis strain and can be low, medium, average, high, very high, and even extremely high for such powerful cannabis. Otherwise, if the strain does not have much THC, maybe it’s high on CBD. That is usually the case among cannabis which is due to their respective origins.

What is Considered High THC

Most recreational cannabis smokers look for strains that contain high THC simply because of its couch-locking and mind-blowing effects. To get your brain active, creative, motivated, focused, and uplifted, THC is definitely what you need. The dosage that you consume of it, however, does not always equate the level of potency that you shall get from it.

Getting those weed strains that has a high level of THC is not hard especially if you know exactly what ‘high THC’ means. However, the problem with some cannabis users is that they tend to believe that less than 25% THC is already considered low potency, too. The truth is, most of the bud strains that smokers consume are only 16% potent.

Cannabis strains with that certain level of THC are very rare. To clarify that, here is a table showing the label corresponding to the percentage of THC that cannabis may have.

Low0 to 5%
Medium5 to 10%
High10 to 15%
Very High15 to 20%
Extremely HighAbove 20%

Looking at the table above, you’ll see that the usual 16% THC is considered very high already instead of low or average.

How does high THC make you high?

The level of high effect that you may experience can be different from what some other cannabis users get. This is because the intensity of THC and cannabis, in general, depends on your body’s tolerance and reaction to such drugs so you really cannot just compare how you feel or might feel with that of others.

The breakthrough discovery of the endocannabinoids in the brain during the 1990s also led to a further understanding of the interaction between the body and the cannabinoids introduced by cannabis when smoked. The real effect of THC towards the body even to experienced smokers is slightly overwhelming but still very satisfying to the feeling. 

One hit of THC would make you feel like you want to doze off, dream away, relax while watching TV or movie, and listen to music alone or with friends. Craving for a certain food is also possible for some users who have a different reaction to the drug. Usually, this effect takes a few hours to fade. Others also prefer going to the club and other more enjoyable activities.

How to Grow Cannabis with High THC

To produce your cannabis plants containing very high THC, there are a few effective steps that you can try to improve your crops. Apply all of them to your crops and find out how much more wonderful they will become.

  1. Level up the quality of your buds using a good quality of LED lights in the growing area of your crops.
  2. Plant health and root ventilation can also be improved by using air-pots and other better materials than a normal pot.
  3. During the bloom stage of the crops, it would help if you will provide your crops with UVB light for supplement also.
  4. Clear the grow room of the possible sources of stress to your plants.
  5. Read more and learn more about growing your crops better.

It is always in your hands to how your cannabis will turn out to be in terms of its genetic growth and the improvement of the growing condition of your crops. Apply the new things you will learn about lighting, plant nutrition, and the right temperature for more optimal results to come to you in your next cultivation activity. 

Cannabis with High THC

From the two major families of cannabis namely the Sativa and the Indica come the best strains containing high THC. There is a lot to choose from and so here are some of them arranged according to their respective families to ease you from the tiring selection process. Some best hybrids are also on the list.

  • Sativa strains- Lemon Meringue boosts your creativity and creates a feeling of uplifting appeal, energy, and happiness. Also, patients who are suffering from stress, mild headaches, anxiety, depression, and fatigue are aided with a single joint of this bud.
  • Laughing Buddha was well-recognized and in fact, got an award with the help of its 21% THC content. The Laughing Buddha strain will make you giggle and laugh a lot, even during times of depression.
  • Hawaiian, using its THC content of 22%, serves stoners with the feeling of joy, relaxation, and comfort. It shall help relieve you from stress, pain, and anxiety. Other feelings that it brings are energy and creativity.
  • That has become popular because of its 22% THC level that is the reason for its uplifting and motivating effects. It has been found also to be effective in treating headaches, depression, and stress.
  • Silver Haze boasts with its THC level of 23% and has been named by how its THC glands look like covering its buds. This strain is a potential medication for poor appetite, pain, stress, and anxiety.

1. Indica strains

  • Kosher Kush was born in Los Angeles as a clone-only type. Its THC level is 21% that was the reason why it can eliminate pain, stress, and anxiety. On a positive note, Kosher Kush is good at making you feel craving for food, happy, euphoric, and relaxed.
  • Triangle Kush with its 23% THC content, it can bring out the artist in you for its ability to enhance your creativity. This is most especially used medicinally for severe pain, stress, depression, and in bringing positive feelings like bliss and creativity.

2. Hybrids

–         Death Star does not mean the same as its name suggests. It offers 21% THC level and was said to be slow at the beginning but will brush you off your feet later on. This bud will bring you to an extreme state of euphoria and comfort.

–         Ghost OG is a very calming and comforting bud strain which has 23% of THC. It delivers balanced sedation of the mind and body as well as the treatment of pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and others.

–         GMO Cookies is also known as the Garlic Cookies, contains 24% THC and brings intense sleepiness and sedation that’s couch-locking, too. It can be used to treat stress, chronic pain, insomnia, and anxiety, too.

–         White Tahoe Cookies comes with its mildly exciting effect brought about by its 23% THC level but some also offer it with 30% THC. This sweet-toothed smoker’s favorite is also good for pain, inflammation, insomnia, and stress.

–         Banana OG has 23% of THC that makes it to be known as the “creeper”, causing stoners to feel delightfully numb with some tasty sensations eventually leading you to a sound slumber. Its THC and sedating effects are most useful for muscle pain, insomnia, and poor appetite.

Final Thoughts

Before you complain about the THC level of your cannabis strain and look for another one, try checking what it means first so you will not be surprised with a very intense mind-crashing and overwhelming sedating high upon inhaling. Keep in mind, too, that the effect of THC does not only rely on the dosage and level of it alone, but it can also have to do with you and your body’s reaction to the drug. So, what is considered high THC depends on various factors that you should be aware of. Enjoy your cannabis smoking experience and value every drop of THC they contain.

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