What is the Best Canadian Outdoor Strain?

What is the Best Canadian Outdoor Strain?

Do you ever wonder why several famous strains that are adored by the whole world only comes from Canada? Well, wonder no more, Canada is one of the leading countries where cannabis is legal as well as being aware of its uses, benefits, and value. This country has a long-standing history in the art of cultivating cannabis. A lot of studies were conducted as well as researches, which resulted in strains that are widely known, which is why they have all the right to have the best Canadian outdoor strains.

The Canadian growers were also able to unlock the secrets behind the medicinal benefits that the cannabis plants provided. The cannabis industry in this country is growing exponentially to the legalization of this compound.

Here a list of the best strains that you can find in Canada. (This list is separated into sections)

Iconic Strains

Island Sweet Skunk

This strain is also widely known for the name ISS. According to facts, this strain is one of the few that are purely grown to its full potential in Vancouver. This strain is very rare and considered as a delicacy in the cannabis industry; this is due to the fact that it is grown in very special weather conditions that cannot be imitated even by the use of indoor grow setup.

As the name states, this strain has sweetness and fruitiness to it. This strain is a result of combining Sweet Pink Grapefruit and the Big Skunk 1; this is why there is a smell that is very noticeable.


The name is already obvious; this strain has a lot to do with the killer illness Cancer; this strain was created and believed to be an aid to help patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. This can be the main reason why this strain is simultaneously used as a sedative and a pain suppressor; this allows the patient to experience less pain during the whole chemo process. Take note; this strain is one of the strongest strains across Canada.

White Widow also is known as “Jean Guy.”

This strain can be found mainly in the area of Montreal. Its effects are very strong for those people who are just beginning to try out marijuana for the first time. However, this strain is still popular and in demand for its medicinal values that users are chasing. This unique strain has a compound that is not found in all cannabis strains, that specific compound is called nerolidol, which provides the same effects of essential oils that you usually encounter in Spa houses.

God Bud

This specific strain is indica dominant, which provides a high level of intense emotional stimulation and as well as extreme relaxation, it is notable that it also gives heavy euphoric highs. This strain has already gathered a lot of awards in Canadian Cannabis competition for its potency that averages up to 27%. This cannabis helps people to aid depression, anxiety, and insomnia.

Barbara Bud

The region of British Columbia is an area where there are large cultivation and supply of weed. This is considered as the melting pot of weed cultivation. This is also the place where this strain originated from. With a 19% THC level, this is absolutely packed with power that will not make you crazy than other strains. But this is a good type that novices can work on and for people who just want a gentle psychedelic ride.

Best Canadian Outdoor Strains

As well all know, cannabis is very sensitive when water is being the topic. Too much humidity and water are two of the main enemies of cannabis plants, this can cause the slow growth of the plant, it has the potential to die, and if it survives, it will surely develop molds that can destroy it eventually, which is why we listed strains that thrive in the harsh weather of Canada! Yes, we saved your life; there are strains that are not very susceptible to the type of weather that Canada has.

Manitoba Poison

If you are a first-time outdoor cannabis seeds grower, this is the best strain that you can start with. The strain mold resistance is average, and this also includes its potency. This is a good type of weed that you should consider as a novice in the craft.

Texada Timewarp

This strain is a sturdy one; it has already weathered abnormal weather conditions and is proving itself with its continual persistence to thrive. This is also a mold-resistant strain.

Fast Girl

This strain is an elite when it comes to its resistance to molds; this can also be a fun strain that first-timers can experiment on. This doesn’t have the wow factor, but it works, it really works. If you are not picky, then this can be your go to weed.

Freezeland or Friesland

We saved the very best for last; this might be the strain that is perfect for you. It adapts to the changing weather and climate that Canada has. This strain is rated as the very best when it comes to mold resistance; this strain can grow and be healthy even when exposed to extreme weather; this can be considered the Yeti of Canadian cannabis.


This sums up the best Canadian outdoor strain list. They seem an awful lot, but hey, you have a lot of choices that you can choose from. But you may also try them all; you can consider this list as a new menu of a restaurant that you eagerly wanted to visit for a couple of months.

Canada has all sorts of strains that you can choose from, remember that all of these strains have different potency levels, as well as the effects each strain possesses. Make sure before choosing a strain; you already have brief research about that strain so that you will know how to compose yourself once you smoke it out. Also, consider what needs should the strain must fulfill so that you may achieve maximum enjoyment.

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