What Marijuana Seeds Are Good for Indoor and Outdoor Growing

What Marijuana Seeds Are Good for Indoor and Outdoor Growing

There are marijuana seeds suitable for growing indoors or outdoors while there are some cannabis strains that can go well in both environment. Most indica cannabis strains are good for indoor growing because of their small stature while most sativa strains are better for outdoor growing because of their tall height.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of growing marijuana seeds indoors and outdoors?

Growing marijuana seeds indoors offers the advantage of having the full control of the growing environment for optimum growth of the plants. Massive yield of potent buds can be expected from marijuana seeds cultivated indoors if plants are provided with adequate lighting, enough water and right nutrients. Having a limited space is one of the drawbacks of growing marijuana plants indoors. Also, indoor growing is costly to set-up and to run because of additional growing equipments needed to be installed, while outdoor growing offers the advantage of cultivating marijuana seeds inexpensively. No monthly bills and no expensive initial set-up of equipments because there is the sun as the source of light. However, growing outdoors has also certain drawbacks such as harsh weather, heavy rains, pest infestation, animals and thieves.

What preparations to make when growing marijuana seeds indoors and outdoors?

Indoor growing of marijuana seeds will require the grower to set-up additional equipments such as artificial light since sunlight is lacking and ventilation fans to keep humidity and temperature at the standard level. To maintain discreteness while growing indoors, an odor control system may be needed, depending on what kind of strain is being cultivated. For marijuana plants that produce pungent odor, activated carbon filter is good to use. If the plants grown produce only mild marijuana odor, the use of deodorizers, air fresheners, scented candles and perfumes will do. For outdoor growing, scouting for a good location ahead may be needed. Make sure that the area where you will plant the marijuana seeds are able to receive as much sunlight. Choose a spot that is away from passersby. Check the pH of the soil.

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