When to Harvest Outdoor Weed: Manual for Cannabis Growers

When to Harvest Outdoor Weed: Manual for Cannabis Growers

Harvesting is harvesting, there’s no other term for it, whether it is indoors or outdoors; it’s all the same. However, the difference will only be the signs that the plants show when it’s grown indoors and outdoors. This article is a guide in order for you to find out when to harvest outdoor weed.

After you have made all the effort needed to grow your cannabis plant properly, you want to make sure that you have a lean yield to reward you after facing all the challenges that come your way. Although this is the final phase of your growing journey, it has to be done perfectly in order not to waste the buds that you have been waiting to reap for a couple of months.

Also, in addition to having to understand the principles of harvesting, you also need to know the factors that can affect your whole harvesting activity; this article will surely help you in making the harvesting a safe and fulfilling way.

The best time to harvest your weed plants is during the fall season, trust us on this. You will thank us later.

Things to consider when to harvest outdoor weed

Your Indicator is the Sun, Befriend It

Hey, you survived to be an outdoor cannabis seeds grower, you have weathered the storm. Cheer up! I am pretty sure that you have already mastered how to monitor the sun, although out of your cannabis life cycle. Observing and monitoring it is still a vital key in knowing the energy that the plants are taking up from the sun; you also know the duration of the plants exposed to the sun.

This will eventually change one the end of summer hits. You must be able to know the changes that occur. In the summer, your plant is exposed in the sun for roughly about twelve to fourteen hours; when the summer ends, this lessens dramatically. Meaning your plant will no longer receive the same amount of sunlight it is used to.

The cannabis plant is very keen in knowing the time of the day; it distinguishes if it’s daytime and night time. When the cannabis plant senses any changes in the pattern of sunlight exposure, it was used to, its behavior also changes. The plant will automatically shift from the vegetation phase and transition into the flowering phase, once this happens, you have to take note of the date, because this starts the waiting game.

By this time, you have set up your own calendar for growing; once the plant starts to flower, it is already a walk in the park in planning for your harvest.

You must always remember that cannabis plants are types of botanical plants that are very sensitive to light, not just sunlight but to all kinds of light.

When growing indoors, you can always have control on how much light the plants can have, well in the case of outdoor growing this is a factor that cannot be controlled, but it can be avoided by strategically placing the grow area where it cannot be exposed to any artificial light. Which is why you will never ever see an outside grow area that is exposed, there all always hidden, not just for lighting but also for security.

If you want to have a harvest that is on schedule, make sure your cannabis plants receive the right amount of darkness, because the darkness enables the plant to grow exponentially.


When the flowering phase of the cannabis plant starts, you have to start your planning stage; nothing beats preparedness rather than being shocked. These are the following tips that you can use in order to ensure that you can keep up with the large yield that you are about to harvest.


When you see the signs that your buds are beginning to mature, you have got to be keen into details at this stage; you must know the changes that the plant is manifesting. The timing of the harvest must be perfect, or else you will harvest impotent cannabis flowers.

If you harvest prematurely, you will just yield small amounts that you have expected.

Before you harvest, you must already have the containers and tools that you will need in order for everything to be perfect, the buds must already have an airtight container where they can be secured, far away from direct sunlight and contamination that will ruin the quality of your harvest.

Signs that your plant is ready

When the plant reaches its maturity stage, it will give you all the signs that it is ready for harvesting, you cannot miss these signs because they are obviously noticeable. The physical appearance of the plant will show you changes that will signal you that it is ready for the final phase. Pay close attention to the plants’ leaves and flowers.

The leaves of the cannabis will turn to yellow and brown, which is an indication that your plant is already dying, which means it’s time to reap.

One evident sign that the plant is ready to be harvested is the changes of the buds; you may already harvest them if their bright green color starts to deteriorate, do not let them reach the brown color, this already means that you are too late.


If this is your first time that you will harvest, you probably have been surprised by the rapid changes that your plant has undergone throughout the process; this is where the importance of the growing calendar comes in. You must have an accurate record of the changes in the environment as well as the plant itself. However, in this stage, you have already known what better ways have been done to make your harvest successful. Don’t worry; now that you already have the experience, we are pretty sure that you will nail it on your next harvest season.

Knowing when to harvest outdoor weed is an essential key to your success, master it, and enjoy it. Once you do, you can already take this on a larger scale.

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