With Low or High CBD Level – Which Marijuana Seeds should I Buy?

Low or High CBD Level

Nowadays, a lot of people are concern about the levels of CBD of the marijuana seeds that they want to buy and grow because this component of cannabis is what makes it to have a medical and healing property. If you have a medical issue and if you decide to use marijuana for medication or if your doctor prescribe you a medical marijuana, then order marijuana seeds with high CBD levels. However, if you are only after for the high effect, then order a marijuana seed with high THC level and low CBD level.

How should I know that the marijuana seeds are for medical purposes?

You should that the marijuana seeds will grow into medical marijuana plants if you have observed that the CBD levels are high. You can see that in the website of the marijuana seed bank. Look for the information page and you should see that they have indicated the percentage or level of their CBD.

I want to get high and not medical, which would I choose?

If you don’t want to smoke medical marijuana and you just want to get high then go for the ones with THC level with low CBD.

CBD can actually affect the high effect that you will get your marijuana smoke. A marijuana seed with high THC level and high CBD level won’t provide you with ecstatic high but a normal high with medical effects. A marijuana plant with high CBD and low THC is for medical purposes while the ones with high THC and low CBD are for recreational purposes.

It’s up for you on which level of CBD you would like to buy marijuana seeds for. There are a lot of choices out there and there are a lot of marijuana seed banks where you can buy marijuana seeds from.

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