10 Most Expensive Weed Strains Ever Produced in the World

10 Most Expensive Weed Strains Ever Produced in the World

When purchasing cannabis seeds or even buds, one of the considerations is the price. As much as possible they seek for strains that often come cheap without compromised quality in terms of growing and consumption. But, that’s not always the case. Considering the accessibility of marijuana across the globe due to its continuous fight for legalization, it’s normal to engage and discover the different marijuana strains varying in effects, potency, and price. 

Whether if it’s for research or personal preferences, there would times that the most expensive weed strains would interest you. Why are they expensive? What’s in it that contribute to the costs? In all honesty, these weed strains are not grown the usual way. These jewels are grown to perfection that constitute its unaffordable cost. Besides, the quality is not always the case but the demand and the popularity of a particular weed strain. In this article, we will share the 10 most expensive weed strains produced and distributed across the globe. It’s time to spend additional bucks for these popular jewels that will leave you head-high stoned. 

1. Fruity Pebbles 

Fruity Pebbles marijuana strain is an indica-dominant strain that can offer up to 22% of THC levels and 1% of CBD. Technically, the effects of this strain are just the same as the ones that can be found in regular marijuana strains at a relatively low cost. What makes people purchase this strain despite its expensive price is its gorgeous appearance when grown. It produces multi-colored buds that are unusual for marijuana strains. More than that, it has a fruity-citrus smell and flavor similar to fruit candies and even fruity pebbles cereal. The average price of Fruity Pebbles per ounce is $280 and the seeds are sold at $150. 

2. The Oracle 

The Oracle is one of the most expensive weed strains recognized for its sky-high THC levels that can hit up to 45% and CBD levels of up to 25%. With these percentages, no wonder why most recreational and medical cannabis users seek this strain. This remarkable gem is rare which explains the expensive price to pay. With the effects and relief that they can provide, it’s worth hundreds of bucks spent. You’re lucky if you have found this strain offered within the trusted dispensaries across the globe. On average, the price is no less than $600 per ounce and if you choose to grow it on your own, the seeds are worth $200. 

3. Isla OG Canned Cannabis 

Isla OG Canned Cannabis belongs to the list of the most expensive marijuana strains across the globe because of the growing and curing process they undergo. Its roots lie in California wherein the average temperature is either warm or cool. They are canned right after trimming because this is where the curing process happens. If you are wondering why they are expensive, it’s because of the quality of the buds right after the curing process producing a fresh and crisp can of cannabis buds. The average price of Isla OG is $800 per ounce. It’s worth every penny spent. 

4. Loud Dream 

Loud Dream is a potent sativa-dominant marijuana strain that delivers indica features rather than sativa. It can induce sedating effects leaving the mind and body in complete relaxation when smoked. The THC levels of Loud Dream are no less than 26% which is impressive, especially for professional stoners. What to expect from it is the refreshing herb-like taste with a hint of mint that allows you to smoke it as smoothly as possible despite the burning sensation. On average, you can get an ounce of Loud Dream marijuana strain for $400. If you’re planning to grow it on your own, the seeds cost no less than $150 and clones at $250 from renowned marijuana seed dispensaries. 

5. J1 

The J1 marijuana strain is the cross-breed between two remarkable strains such as Jack Herer and Skunk #1. Considering its popular parents and the top-notch effects they induce, no wonder why their prices hit no less than $350 per ounce. The THC levels of J1 offer up to 22% of THC which makes this jewel strain accustomed to exemplary psychoactive effects that can help you manage both stress and pain-related symptoms. For those interested growers, J1 is indeed one of the highest yielding marijuana strains that will allow you to harvest plenty of quality-based buds. The average cost of the seeds is $175 per pack and clones at $250 each. 

6. XJ-13

The XJ-13 is not your usual strain of marijuana. Belonging to the list of the most expensive weed strains explain how this sativa-dominant jewel can induce psychoactive effects that make the experience worth the while. It is very famous among cannabis communities considering its THC levels that are no less than 23% which is perfect for those high-consuming stoners. Belonging to the list of the most enjoyable strains, XJ-13 is mostly known for its recreational benefits but that doesn’t necessarily mean they can’t be used by medical marijuana users. On average, you can get this strain in established dispensaries for $375 per ounce. If you want to grow it on your own, seeds come at $150 per pack and clones at $250. It may be one expensive investment but it’s great if you’re planning to be one of the marijuana strain distributors.  

7. White Fire OG 

White Fire OG or also known as WFOG is commonly known as one of the most expensive weed strains across the globe because of its ability to induce effects without interfering with the consumer’s daily activities. The energetic high effects mostly improve the ability of a person to communicate and feel a little aloof. As the third most expensive marijuana strain, there’s no doubt about getting the best of both worlds with WFOG. On average, the THC levels it contains are no less than 30% delivering remarkable psychoactive effects which makes this strain worth every penny spent. You can purchase WFOG at $600 per ounce and you also have the option to grow it on your own with seeds at $100 per pack and clones at $50 each. 

8. Kosher Kush 

Kosher Kush or KK marijuana strain comes at a lower price as compared to the other strains on the list but not as low as the ones you can get for no greater than $20. It is a high-performing marijuana strain popular for its ability to boost energy and improve a person’s appetite. This is the key to medical marijuana users who are feeling weak as if their body is a wilted vegetable. The qualities you can expect are more intense compared to the regular-priced marijuana strains because its THC levels can rise to 25% which is ideal, especially for professional stoners. Get Kosher Kush at your nearest marijuana dispensary for $200 an ounce. You also have the option to grow it since they are also sold in seeds at $150 per pack and clones at $250 each. 

9. Irish Cream 

The name alone would explain how delectable Irish Cream marijuana strain is for your taste buds. The taste and aroma are similar to Irish cream which is either induced with coffee or alcohol. The good thing about this marijuana strain is despite its popularity, it can be purchased in most legal dispensaries across the globe. More than just an amazing taste, Irish Cream is also known to deliver balanced sativa and indica effects. As an ideal afternoon treat, you can put your mind and body at ease without the sedating feeling. The THC levels of this marijuana strain are no less than 27% which makes it a powerful strain to try. It may not be suggested for first-time smokers but it’s ideal for first-time growers. The average cost of purchasing Irish Cream per ounce is $500. Most dispensaries also sell seeds at $125 per pack and clones at $200 each. 

10. Chemdawg 

Chemdawg is one of the most popular marijuana strain known for the intensity of effects and psychoactive high. It’s rather overwhelming even when consumed in small doses. With its THC levels that can go as high as 32%, no wonder why this marijuana strain is popular among high-consumers of marijuana. With its pungent and sour diesel taste and aroma, the smoking experience is still smoother than most marijuana strains across the globe. Check out Chemdawg at your local dispensary shops at $275 per ounce. They also come in seeds at $85 per pack and clones at $55 each. 


Discovering a lot about marijuana strains in terms of effects, taste, aroma, and price makes up the consuming experience worth the while. Sometimes, it’s not bad to try even though you already have your list of favorites. Even though this list of the most expensive weed strains comes at a high cost, it’s not bad to try them every once in a while. Besides, it’s not every day you get to try marijuana strains that’s worth hundreds of dollars. 

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