Strawberry Marijuana Seeds


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More About CBD Strawberry 1:15

Mouthwatering Sweetness You Will Absolutely Love

If you are suffering from sleep quality problems and chronic pain, one of the strains that you should go for is the CBD Strawberry. This beginner-friendly strain helps clear the mind of the user, getting rid of mental health concerns like bipolar disorder, anxiety, mood swings, stress, and depression. More than these things, the CBD Strawberry has been noted to help lessen the severity and number of epileptic seizures.

The CBD Strawberry is powered by an outstanding 15 percent CBD, making it an ideal source of help for more serious health problems. As the THC levels are measured at 1 percent or even less, there is close to none psychoactivity to worry about.

When grown, the CBD Strawberry does well in difficult climate conditions. Though most cannabis strains produce orange pistils, this strain produces pink ones. The buds it produces are shaped like ovals, growing sticky and dense. The harvest a grower can procure averages about 400 grams, whether grown indoors or outdoors.

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