Indoor or Outdoor: Where Should I Grow Marijuana Seeds

Since there are various cannabis strains available in the market, select the best marijuana seeds according to where you want to grow them- indoor, outdoor or in a greenhouse set-up. It is essential that you consider the growing conditions in your area and garden set-up in choosing the pot seeds you want to cultivate either indoors or outdoors. The success of marijuana growing is not only dependent on where you will plant the cannabis seeds but also other factors such as the kind of pot strain and garden space.

How to know if your marijuana seeds are good to grow indoors or outdoors?

In growing cannabis, site selection is very important. Choose where you want to grow the marijuana seeds. If you plan to grow marijuana indoors, select the kind of strain that can grow from short to medium height because space is limited inside. Many growers prefer to grow indica plants because most are bushy but short. Sativa marijuana strains are usually tough and can withstand harsh weather outside. They are known to have a tall stature, so they are suitable to be cultivated outside. To know if the marijuana seeds are ideal for indoor or outdoor growing, consider factors such as height, flowering time and ease in growing.

What mediums are best for growing marijuana seeds?

Soil is the most common medium used if you will be growing marijuana plants outdoors. Since you do not have the full control of the growing condition outside, you need to choose a kind of marijuana seeds that are pest-resistant and strong enough to survive and grow well outdoors even with the presence of harsh environmental factors that may disrupt growth. Before planting the seeds outdoors, check the soil pH to make sure it is not acidic. The soil should have good texture and draining properties. Other medium used to grow marijuana seeds are rockwool, perlite, coco coir and organic soil mixes including vermiculite, perlite and worm castings.