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Kali Mist Strain Seeds

Kali Mist
Kali Mist Strain Details
  • This strain has been considered to be one of the top sativa strains that is available today in the market.
  • This has been commonly referred to as the Queen of Sativas because it practically grows the classical Sativa.
  • Because it is almost a pure sativa, it doesn�t have a lot of leaves yet it has a higher yield as compared to other strains.
  • This type of stain produces higher clusters of buds that are spiraling. Thus, when it comes to its flowering, it may be quite a sight to see this Kali Mist.
  • It also has higher content of resins as compared to other strains.
  • The odor of the Kali Mist has that unique spicy scent.
  • Kali Mist has been used as an effective medicine which helps treat chronic pain such as back aches and headaches. Women are apt to use this strain to especially treat their cramps.
  • The kick of Kali Mist gives you a delightful mood which stimulates hormones in your body responsible for enhancing your mood.
  • Kali Mist is highly recommended to be continuously pruned and clipped.
  • If one is using clones for Kali Mist, such plant must be put on a 12/12 under light the very moment they have been rooted. This must be strictly under this condition; otherwise it may not grow right.
  • This is okay for beginners to grow as this is fairly easy to take care. However, one should just be patient as this may time quite a while to flower. The flowering time of the Kali Mist may take quite longer than the rest of the strains, thus patience for the beginners may be required.
  • Indoor growing is the most recommended type of growing for Kali Mist. However, this can also be done outdoors provided it has all the given requirements.
  • Kali Mood has been further enhanced for the past years and has recently won as the �Best Hash� in the Cannabis Championship.
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20 Seeds $140.00

40 Seeds $260.00

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Kali Mist
Strain Specifications
Type : Mostly Sativa
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : High
Height : Short
Flowering : 70-90 days
Stone : Energetic
THC level : High
Grow : Easy

Tips for growers:

          If you also can accommodate bigger space in your grow room, it is much required that you provide them that, since once Kali Mist is being stretched, it can definitely provide much greater yields. Use proper amount of high quality fertilizer during the 4th week of the flowering stage of Kali Mist for better results. However, one should be very careful to have it grown during humid conditions as they are most susceptible to mold.

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