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Auto Flowering Snow White Strain Seeds

Snow White Auto Flowering
Snow White Auto Flowering Strain Details
  • Snow White Auto Flowering can be cultivated in hydro or any other related systems of growing. It has a denser stature compared to any other cannabis plants but its effects it contrary to the mild characteristic it exhibits.
  • It has a peaceful Indica stoning effect accompanied by the smooth tastes.
  • It has a round flat leaves and distinguishable size that could grow at least 200 cm. Resin appears at the top of the leaves approximately about 2 weeks before flowering. The dark shade accumulation by the leaves is the evidence of frost which the plant gathers for the sugar coated bud production.
  • Its effect would mean a little bit of draining which means that users will experience a relatively stoned effect that would induce sleep later on. With this, activities like driving and cooking are strongly discouraged to avoid accidents and injuries. It is also noted as helpful for patients suffering in psychological distress such as clinical depression, insomnia and mental fatigue. Simple pains like migraines and headaches can be cured by Snow White.
  • Snow White grows well in a sea green hydro system.
  • Some growers would opt for outdoor planting but it will result to poor yield and impaired success rate.
  • The odor can be powerful and medicinal but growers must expect that it is not skunky or pungent at all.
10 Seeds $90.00
20 Seeds $160.00

40 Seeds $300.00

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Snow White Auto Flowering
Strain Specifications
Type : Sativa / Indica
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : Heavy
Height : Average
Flowering : 8 - 10 Weeks
Stone : Stoned / Relaxing Effect
THC level : Average
Grow : Easy - Moderate

Note for Growers

          To avoid the scent from escaping the breeding room, carbon filters should be installed for doors and windows to control the passage ways of the smell. Most growers extends a week more after the harvesting period for resin production and in order to maximize the effects that are to be experienced by using the plant.

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