Dutch Treat Auto Flowering

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Dutch Treat Auto Flowering is a heavy indica-leaning strain that will produce a relaxing and calming high. It is ideal for evening use as it’s very soothing and can make you sleepy. It comes with dense and sticky buds with powerful fruity, sweet, spicy, and woodsy aromas and flavors for you to enjoy.

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More About Dutch Treat 

  • This type of marijuana strain has a strong citrus scent with a hint of harshness in its smoke that also tastes like orange and eucalyptus.
  • It provides a warm feeling of relaxation which actually spreads all throughout the body. It is great for the evenings proper relaxation and if you want to take that heavy load off your shoulders.
  • It has been medicinally treated to contain cannabinoids with high levels of THC, CBG, and also CBD cannabinoids.
  • Dutch Treat Auto Flowering is normally faced with 20-30 strains which make it a highly preferable strain to improve the mood and relax the body.
  • It is characterized as being of dark green stain having many branches with big tops. Its buds are very solid and at the same time sticky.
  • The smoke that is being produced has a very thick appearance which provides a slight aggravation to the throat that would actually cause you to cough even without burning.
  • It provides users a feeling of lively energy which allows the user to always be busy without being jittery.


Type : Indica / Sativa Mix
Climate : Indoor / Outdoor
Yield : 1  to 1/2 lb. per plant
Height : Medium
Flowering : 8 Weeks
Stone : Cerebral; Long-Lasting
THC level : 21.61%
Grow : Moderate – Difficult


1 review for Dutch Treat Auto Flowering

  1. AymonP

    Nice and stoney, giggly and just an all around good bud!

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