How to Store Marijuana Seeds in the Fridge

How to Store Marijuana Seeds in the Fridge

If you have a good supply of marijuana seeds from which to choose, your growing time will be considerably reduced. In addition, if you keep your marijuana seeds in the freezer, your seedlings will be able to be frozen at any time and still develop fully.

One method of growing marijuana seeds in the fridge is by storing them inside your freezer. While this can be done for long periods of time, it does not necessarily mean that your marijuana seeds are kept in a very cold place. It depends on where your seeds are stored. Here is what to look for when storing seeds.

Temperature Check

For one thing, check the temperature of the storage area before you put your seeds in the freezer. You need to choose a place where the temperature is at least seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit. If it is cooler than that, you should use a bigger freezer. If it is warmer, you should use a smaller freezer.

If you are planning on freezing some of your seeds, you might want to get a thermostat. This will keep the temperature of the seed cooler so that the seedlings will have a smaller chance of germinating. If the seedlings germinate, the chances of the germination being successful will increase.


As you begin storing your marijuana seeds in the fridge, do not overcrowd the area. This will prevent your seedlings from growing properly. Place the seeds in three to five separate containers. The same is true of your marijuana seeds in a freezer.

Enough Lighting

Another thing to consider when storing marijuana seeds in the fridge is to make sure that your seedlings are getting enough light. If you have lights on in your room, you will want to turn them off before you store your marijuana seeds. You will also want to set up a heating element in your freezer. This will ensure that you keep the temperature of the seedlings down. Otherwise, they will be vulnerable to moisture and mold.

Avoid Humidity Exposure

Another concern to keep in mind when storing your marijuana seeds in the fridge is humidity. Moisture levels will cause mold growth and the seedling to rot.

As long as you follow these simple steps when growing marijuana seeds in the fridge, you will be fine. The seeds will be protected and your plants will grow properly.

Do not overseed your seedlings. If you do, the plant will be stressed out and you will not get the best results. The seedlings will not have enough room to grow properly.

Make sure that the marijuana seed you are growing has plenty of nutrients. Nutrients will make sure that the plant is healthy and has enough room to grow.

Do not allow your seedling to over-grow. If it becomes overcrowded, it will not develop properly and may not be able to produce enough marijuana.

To store your marijuana seeds in the fridge, place them in a bowl or other container that has room to grow. If it is too big, it will take too long for the seeds to germinate and may result in the plant being killed. Too little room can lead to an over-production of seedlings.

It is important to keep your marijuana seed in good condition when it is in the fridge. It is healthier if it is kept away from direct sunlight and moisture. This will reduce its chance for germination.

You can also use a humidifier or mist to help keep your seedlings cool. You may find that your seedling does not like this list because it is so dry.

Before you store your seedling in the fridge, you should remove any leaves or stems. Do this by taking them out of the plant and drying them outside on a heat source. This will help prevent rotting.

If you do store your marijuana seeds in the fridge, make sure you remove any seeds or parts that you intend to use in cooking. Otherwise, you risk losing some of the plant’s nutrients.