OG Kush x Diesel Marijuana Seeds


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More About OG Kush x Diesel (fem)

Known for Its Uplifting and Energetic Buzz

This OG Kush x Diesel (fem) is known for bringing its uplifting and energetic buzz. This is brought about by crossing two-known strains. This is when it becomes perfectly-balanced. It is a dense, large, and round-shaped buds highlighted by its trichomes.

It takes up about eight to nine weeks for it to flower up completely. Its THC content levels are sixteen to twenty-four percent, and it is promising for its sweet lemon and earthy diesel.

Among the effects appreciated for it include euphoria, happiness, relaxation, sleepy finish, and elevation. These are just so balanced for the positive benefits it can bring. Its physical characteristics include sage and green foliage, rounded and dense flowers, creamy trichomes, and orangey pistils.

It’s a good thing to know it can thrive in hydroponic and soil setups. It also likes more of essential nutrients, and it is, even more, resistant to common mildew and mold.

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